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Lateral micro-ion beam induced charge characterization of chemical vapor deposition diamond

Materials Science and Engineering: B Volume: 90, Issue: 1-2, March 7, 2002, pp. 191 - 195

Lu Rongronga; C. Manfredottib; F. Fizzottib; E. Vittoneb; A. Logiudiceb

a Shanghai Institute of Nuclear Research, P.O. Box 800- 204, Shanghai 201800, People ’s Republic of China

b Department of Physics, Turin University, Via. P. Giuria 1- 10125 Turin, Italy

Keywords: CVD; Diamond; Charge collection efficiency; Lateral micro-ion beam induced charge



A lateral micro-ion beam induced charge technique has been used to obtain the charge collection efficiency (CCE) profiles at different biases applied on the growth electrode of chemical vapor deposition (CVD) diamond. A new linear model, only related to characteristic parameters (mobility×lifetime product) of CVD diamond, was reasonably proposed and checked by fitting the CCE profile. The results confirm that: (1) this CVD diamond is similar to a n–p junction film with bulk volume p type on the substrate side at the positive bias applied on the growth side; (2) in the case of negative bias, space charge on both sides may arise from donors/acceptors of the film and electrons/holes injected from the growth/substrate side, but in the middle no space charge exists due to the electron–hole neutralization.