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The characterization of CVD diamond films by nuclear techniques with alpha particles

Diamond and Related Materials 4 (1995) 517-519

C. Manfredotti, F. Fizzotti, M. Boero, E. Vittone and P. Polesello

Experimental Physics Department, University of Torino (Italy),

Consorzio INFM UdR of Torino (Italy) and

National Institute for Nuclear Physics, Sezione di Torino (Italy)

Keywords: CVD diamond, Alpha particle spectroscopy, electrical properties



Alpha particles have been used for the first time in order to characterize the transport properties of polycrystalline CVD diamond films. Advantages with respect to other techniques which make use of alpha particles or light are that it is easier to discriminate between holes and electrons, localization of deposited energy is more precise and the value of deposited energy is not subjected to Landau fluctuations