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Homogeneity of CVD diamond detectors in tracking applications

to be published in Nuclear instruments and Methods in Physics Research B

C. Manfredotti , F. Fizzotti2, Lo Giudice1, C.Paolini2, E. Vittone1, and R. Lu3

1Experimental Physics Department, University of Torino and INFN - Sezione di Torino

2INFM, UdR Torino Università

3Shanghai Institute of Nuclear Research, P.O. Box 800-204, Shanghai 201800, China

Keywords: CVD diamond, detectors for elementary particle and nuclear physics, Position-sensitive detectors, Ion Beam induced Charge Collection (IBICC).



Data obtained from IBICC (Ion Beam Induced Charge collection) measurements on " detector grade" CVD diamond samples have been used in order to "simulate" the collection of charge produced by a minimum ionizing particle. It turns out that both the electric field and the charge collection length are not uniform in the depth of the sample, whereas the profile of the charge collection efficiency is compatible with a linear behaviour of the product ( mobility )x( lifetime ) of carriers. This is here proposed as a new "linear model" which is fully compatible with the "old" linear model in all the cases where the electric field is uniform. The contribution of electrons to the charge pulse seems to be in this case more important than that of holes. The homogeneity of the CVD diamond detector as a tracker for minimum ionising particles is higher than for low energy protons and it displays a behaviour as a function of bin dimension which is in a relatively good agreement with data reported from measurements with diamond strip detectors.