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Imaging of charge collection properties in CVD diamond using high resolution IBIC with protons and alpha particles.

Diamond Films and Technology, Vol. 8, n.5, (1998) 391-398

M. Jakšić1, T. Tadić1,4 , I. Orlić2, T. Osipowicz2, E. Vittone3, C. Manfredotti3

1R. Bošković Institute, P.O.Box 1016, 10001 Zagreb, Croatia

2Department of Physics, National University of Singapore, Singapore

3Dipartimento di Fisica Sperimentale, Universita di Torino, Torino, Italy

4Osaka National Research Institute, Ikeda, Osaka, Japan

Keywords: CVD Diamond, IBIC


The ion beam of very low current (100-1000 ions/second) focussed to a micron or submicron spot is used as a probe for testing the transport properties of charge created along the path of particular ion in the sample. This technique named IBIC (Ion Beam Induced Charge), has been used in research of charge transport properties in CVD diamonds. Results of IBIC measurements with 2 MeV protons and alpha particles are images of the material microcrystaline "electric" structure. Since protons and alpha particles have different ranges, charge collection efficiency images for different average sampling depths were obtained.