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Thermoluminescence in CVD diamond films: application to radiation dosimetry.

Presented at "DIAMOND 1998, 9th European Conference on Diamond, Diamond like and related materials, Crete, Greece, 13-18 September 1998, and published in Diamond and Related Materials, Volume 8, No.7, 1234-1239.

E.Vittonea, C.Manfredottia, F.Fizzotti a, A.Lo Giudice a, P.Polesello a, V.Ralchenko b

aExperimental Physics Dept., Torino University, INFN-Sez. Torino, INFM-Unità di Torino, via P.Giuria 1, 10125 Torino, Italy.

bGeneral Physics Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences, 38 Vavilov str., Moscow 117942, Russia

Keywords: CVD diamond, thermoluminescence, dosimetry, nuclear detector


In this work, we report the analysis of thermoluminescence features of CVD diamond samples after exposure to 90Sr/90Yr beta particles.

The glow curves have been analysed in order to determine the trapping kinetics and the activation energies of the trapping levels. They have been interpreted as due to a first order trap emptying process with activation energies ranging from 0.98 to 1.12 eV.

Due to the great practical interest of diamond in radiotherapy, we have explored the application of CVD diamond as thermoluminescence dosimeter. The dose-response of the CVD diamond film to beta irradiation have been investigated at clinical application doses and compared with the response of LiF TL100 samples.

Moreover, measurements of charge pulses induced by 5.4 MeV alpha particles have been carried out in order to investigate the effect of beta particle pre-irradiation (or "priming") on the charge collection efficiency. The saturation of hole trapping levels evaluated by glow curve analysis is proved to be strictly related to the improvement of charge collection efficiency. A model of the charge carrier dynamics is also presented which accounts for the optical bleaching of glow curve and alpha particle spectra.