PhD in Chemical and Material Science

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Final Exam
Dott. Fabio Scaffidi Muta
October 2022
Prof. Ettore Vittone, *Dr. Nello Li Pira (CRF)
"Use of polarized light for the assessment of new generation display"
Dott.ssa Laura Guidorzi
March 2021
Prof. Alessandro Lo Giudice, *Dr. Alessandro Re
""Physico-chemical characterization of diopside in lapis lazuli: a study from luminescence activators and quenchers to material provenance investigations"
Dott. Simone Balestra
March 2021
Prof. Ettore Vittone, *Dr. Agusti Sin (ITT)
"Study of the mechanical acoustic properties of brake pads."
Dott.ssa Valentina Bonino
February 2019
Prof. Marco Truccato
"Effects of the interaction between electromagnetic field and superconducting or oxide materials."
Dott. Federico Beccaria
February 2018
Prof. Ettore Vittone, *Giampiero Amato
"Chemical Vapour Deposition on Graphene on Cobalt Thin Film."
Dott. Mattia Gentile
March 2017
Prof. Ettore Vittone
"Metallization process development and laser annealing process control for high power silicon devices."
Dott. Alessandro Pagliero
February 2015
Dr. Marco Truccato
"Interaction of BSCCO High Temperature Superconductor with Electromagnetic Radiation at Different Frequencies"
Dott. Jacopo Corsi
January 2015
Dr. Alessandro Lo Giudice
"Multi-technique study of coins circulating in northern Italy between 4th and 1st century B.C."
Dott. Daniele Gatto Monticone
February 2014
Prof. Ettore Vittone, *Paolo Olivero, *Giampiero Amato, *Marco Genovese, **Jean-Francois Roch (ENS-Cachan)
Creation and characterization of luminescent centres in diamond for applications as single photon emitters
Dott. Alfio Battiato
January 2013
Prof. Ettore Vittone; Prof. Aldo Boccaccini** (Univ. Erlangen)
Study and Characterization of Nanostructured Anti-Bacterial LAyers (NABLA project)
Dott. Federico Picollo
January 2012
Prof. Ettore Vittone; Dott. Paolo Olivero*, Prof. Etienne Gheeraert** (Univ. Grenoble"
Single crystal diamond micro-fabrication by means of ion beams
Dott. Marco De La Pierre
January 2011
Prof. Claudio Manfredotti
Ab initio quantum mechanical simulation as a complementary tool for the characterization of diamond, olivines and garnets
Dott. Oksana Budnyk
January 2010
Prof. Ettore Vittone
** Prof. Igor Yaminsky (M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University)
Investigation of diamond as a platform for biointerfaces and biosensors
Dott. Mohammad Misanur Rahaman Khan
January 2010
Prof. Marco Truccato
** Prof. Emilio Bellingeri (CNR-INFM LAMIA )
Dott. Silvia Calusi
January 2010
Prof. Claudio Manfredotti
** Prof. Paul Sellin (University of Surrey (UK))
Set up and applications of microanalysis techniques on innovative materials of technological and cultural heritage interest by using external beams and microbeams of low energy ions
Dott. Elisabetta Colombo
November 2008
Prof. Ettore Vittone
** Prof. Paolo Rossi (UniPd)
Development of Ion Beam Analysis techniques for material characterization
Dott. Stefano Cagliero
December 2007
Prof. Marco Truccato
Characterization of superconducting Bi-Sr-Ca-Cu-O and Y-Ba-Cu-O whiskers in connection with their structural and electrical modifications
Dott. Chiara Paolini
April 2003
Prof. Claudio Manfredotti
**Dott. Florence Marchi (LEPES-POLYCNRS - Grenoble (F))
Microscopic and nanoscopic study of the electronic properties of diamond bulk and surface