on-beam Techniques Applied to Cultural heritage and Advanced materials


12-13/06/2023 - The Solid State Physics Group is organizing the "ITACA" NIS Colloquium ("Ion-beam Techniques Applied to Cultural heritage and Advanced materials), held at the Physics Department of the University of Torino. The workshop includes a broad spectrum of contributions on application of ion beams techniques from internationally recognized speakers.



ITACA NIS Colloquium is also in streaming! You can attend all the presentations using the following links.

- STREAMING 1st day (12th June 2023) -
- STREAMING 2nd day (13th June 2023) -


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The Book of Abstracts is out! Download it by clicking on the image below.

In the following the program of the confirmed talks:

12th June 2023

9:15 Opening
9:35 Paolo Olivero - Fabrication and optical functionalization of diamond with energetic ion beams
10:10 Natko Skukan - IAEA activities in support of utilization of electrostatic accelerators
10:45 Coffee break
11:15 Damiano Giubertoni - Nanometric modification of solids by multi-species ion column FIB
11:50 Jan Meijer - Mobile Quantum Computer
12:25 Lunch
14:00 Zdravko Siketić - Application of conventional and unique ion beam techniques at RBI for material characterisation and modification
14:35 Javier Garcia Lopez - Analysis of radiation detectors using MeV ion beams
15:10 Coffee break
15:40 Matteo Campostrini - LNL Van De Graaff accelerator facilities: IBA and applications
16:15 Aleksandr Ponomarev - Nuclear microprobe activities in Institute of Applied Physics of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
16:50 Ettore Vittone - Functional characterization and functionalization of materials by ion beams.
17:20 Ion Implanter inauguration

13th June 2023

9:15 Opening
9:35 Alessandro Lo Giudice - Ion beam analysis for archaeological materials: provenance study of lapis lazuli
10:10 Quentin Lemasson - IBA for Heritage Science at New AGLAE
10:45 Coffee break
11:15 Roger Webb - Multimodal Imaging for the Colocation of Organic Molecules and Metal Markers Using Spatially Resolved Mass Spectrometry with Elemental Mapping
11:50 Žiga Šmit - Archaeometric measurements at the Tandetron accelerator in Ljubljana
12:25 Lunch
14:00 Maria Dolores Ynsa - Suitability of Ion Beam Analysis (IBA) techniques for the characterization of archaeological metallic objects
14:35 Luís Alves - Old and new materials probed by ion beams
15:10 Closing


Some pictures collected during the ITACA NIS Colloquium.


ITACA NIS Colloquium will be held at Physics Department of University of Torino (Aula C):