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Light detection with spectral analysis at the Legnaro Nuclear Microprobe:applications in material and earth sciences

  1. Presented at 7th Int. Conf. on Nuclear Microprobe Technology and Applications, Bordeaux, France, September 2000, and published on Nuclear instruments and Methods in Physics Research B, Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B 181 (2001) 134-139

E.Vittonea , A.Lo Giudicea, C.Manfredottia, G.Egenib, V.Rudellob, P.Rossic, G.Gennarod, G.Pratesie, M.Corazzaf

aExp. Physics Dept., University of Torino, INFN-To, INFM-UniTo, Italy

bLNL-INFN National Laboratory of Legnaro, Italy

cPhysics Dept., University of Padova, dINFN-Pd, Italy

eNatural History Museum, University of Florence, Italy

fDept. of Earth Science, University of Florence, Italy

Keywords: Libyan Desert Glass, PIXE, IL, IBICC, cubic BN, CVD diamond;



Among the numerous ion beam analytical (IBA) techniques available for material characterisation, ionoluminescence (IL) has not attracted the interest that it should deserve. Although the importance of IL technique, particularly if combined with other IBA techniques, has been widely proven, very few apparatuses to analyse light emission spectra have been installed at the microbeam facilities.

In this paper we present the new IL apparatus installed at the Legnaro (LNL) ion microbeam facility. The system is a modification of the OXFORD MONOCL2 apparatus for cathodoluminescence. Light collection is performed by using a retractable parabolloidal mirror located at a very short distance from the sample, with a small (2 mm) aperture to allow the ion beam to hit the sample. Accurate positioning of the retractable mirror directly coupled to a chamber mounted high-resolution monochromator allows for high light collection efficiency.

This design assures that IL can be performed using low beam currents (<1 pA) with the consequent reduction of the radiation damage, which often occurs during ionoluminescence measurements.

A summary of some meaningful results obtained with such an apparatus is presented. The combination of IL/PIXE was used to characterise natural silica glass, known as Libyan Desert Glass, and cubic BN grains; polycristalline CVD diamond has been studied by a synergetic combination of IBICC/IL technique.