Photoluminescence Confocal Microscope

The Solid State Physics Laboratory is equipped with a photoluminescence confocal microscope acquired with the partial support of the INFN 5th Commission.
The microscope is equipped with CW laser sources at 515 nm and 635 nm, a nano-positionning stage with 200 µm range, 100x air and oil objectives, and two single-photon sensitive avalanche detectors, enabling Hanbury-Brown & Twiss interferometry on single-photon sources.
A 1200 grooves/mm monochromator operating in the visible range enables the spectral characterization of samples and solid-state emitters.
The confocal miscroscope is equipped with a CW and pulsed microwave generation and amplification system, enabling Optically-Detected Magnetic Resonance measurements for the optical readout of the spin state on Nitrogen-Vacancy centers in diamond.