X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS)

The x-ray photoelectron spectrometer is located at the laboratory of Solid State Physics of the Physics Department of the University of Torino. The laboratory, and the instrument in particular, is part of a network of research structures coordinated by the "Nanostructured Surfaces and Interfaces" (NIS) interdepartmental research center.
The main components of the XPS system include
  • A twin anode (Mg and Al) and a monochromatic (Al) x-ray sources;
  • An ultra-high vacuum (UHV) stainless steel chamber with UHV pumps;
  • Two sample introduction chambers with cleaning systems based on moderate annealing (150°C) and surface sputtering;
  • An electron energy analyzer (Concentric Hemispherical Analyzer - CHA);
  • An electron detector system (with a channeltron electron multiplier);
  • A readout system connected to a pc with a PSP SPECTRA v8 software;
Spectral analysis is performed with UNIFIT20008 software.
Table 1 summarizes the main features of the system.

The XPS system is used for surface analysis within the activities [1] cordinated by the NIS research center.
In particular, it has extensively been used to characterize functionalized diamond surfaces [2] and within the "Nanostructured Antibacterial Layers (NABLA) project for the characterization of silver nanocluster doped silica thin films with antibacterial functionality[3,4].

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