Upcoming Events

BE-ARCHAEO 1th Summer School
June 2023, Torino (Italy)

Next conferences we will attend

- XII Congresso Nazionale AIAr
19-21 April 2023, Messina, Italy

- International conference TECHNART2023
7-12 May 2023, Lisbon, Portugal


Development of new instruments & methods, archeometric studies and diagnostic for Cultural Heritage are the main research activities.
Not only the latest technologies in this field are used, but also new high technological solutions are developed.

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Highlights: BE-ARCHAEO Project

Archaeologists (from both Europe and Japan) will collaborate with a large team of interlinked archaeometry experts (chemists, physicists, soil scientists, geologists, biologists...

Highlights: Art Detectives Team Up

What does an early Picasso self-portrait have in common with a 3,000-year-old Egyptian lapis-lazuli beetle? They are both under close examination using complex and advanced research...

Highlights on CHNet Network

CHNet is the new Cultural Heritage network established inside INFN.
It is composed of ten units spread throughout Italy with multiple skills in archaeometry and diagnostics...


Highlights: neu_ART Project

The project, which took place in the period 2010-2013, aimed to develop innovative equipment for non-invasive diagnostics based on X-rays and neutrons...