Research Projects

List of funded projects

2023-2025 INFN CHNet_BRONZE Elemental and phase analysis with neutron techniques on bronze and Cu-based alloys artefacts
2023 University of Torino, GFI (Grant for Internationalization) MIGLIABC "Microfasci Ionici presso Grandi Laboratori Internazionali per l'Analisi di materiali di interesse nell'ambito dei Beni Culturali"
2022-2025 ANR (Agence Nationale de la Recherche) ITINERIS Italic metalwork TechnIques during the Early IroN AgE. Rethinking cultural InteractionS
2022-2024 Fondazione CRT PLaMeRaX "Potenziamento del Laboratorio Metal-Jet di UniTO attraverso l'integrazione di nuove tecniche per l'analisi dei materiali per mezzo di Raggi-X"
2019-2023 H2020-RISE: Marie Curie grant agreement No. 823826 BE-ARCHAEO: BEYOND ARCHAEOLOGY The main core of BE-ARCHAEO is the archaeological excavation of the Tobiotsuka Kofun (Soja city in Okayama Prefecture, Japan). Archaeologists (from both Europe and Japan) will collaborate with a large team of interlinked archaeometry experts (i.e.: chemists, physicists, biologists, geologists, petrographers, veterinary surgeons and soil scientists) to carry on a very advanced research focused on a major period of the old history of Japan.
2019-2022 INFN CHNet_NICHE Development of a neutron imaging setup at TRIGA-LENA.
2019-2021 INFN 4D GRAPH-X Development of a prototype for Dynamic Grating-based Phase contrast X-ray imaging.
2018-2019 Infra-P (POR FESR 2014-2020) SAX (Strumentazioni Avanzate per Sistemi Complessi) Development of a CT apparatus
2017-2019 Compagnia di San Paolo, University of Torino NEXTO New X-ray diagnostic tools for Cultural Heritage
2014-2019 INFN CHNet CHNet is the new Cultural Heritage network established inside INFN. It is composed of many units spread throughout Italy with multiple skills in archaeometry and diagnostics of cultural heritage. One of the main topics is the developement of new instruments and methods.
2017 INFN CHNET_Imaging Development of imaging techniques for cultural heritage (Scanning XRF and XRL).
2015 Università Italo-Francese Galileo Projects "L'antica monetazione argentea tra Po e Rodano - L'argent monnayé antique entre Rhône et Pô".
2013 INFN INFN_Dating "Network of INFN divisions (Firenze, Bari, Catania, Milano, Torino) involved in the development and use of dating techniques, in particular radiocarbon and luminescence methods.".
2010-2013 Regione Piemonte neu_ART "Neutron and x-ray tomography and imaging for cultural heritage".
2009-2012 INFN FARE "Fasci Rarefatti in Esterno". Development and use of new techniques based on in air ion beams (Firenze and Torino INFN divisions)".