Under the guidance of Prof. Claudio Manfredotti, the Solid State Physics group of the University of Torino, Physics Department,started its activity in the early 1980s in the field of amorphous (a-Si:H) and crystalline (e.g. Si, CdTe) semiconductor materials, mainly for the fabrication of solar cells and ionization radiation detectors.
In the course of these three decades, the group has gradually extended its field of interest to the study of micro/nano-structured materials and devices and to the development of new experimental techniques for the characterization and modification of advanced materials and/or art objects.
Now, the group is working on the following main research topics:


1 October 2019, h. 14:00

Sala Castagnoli, Dipartimento di Fisica, via P. Giuria 1, Torino

Filippo PISANO

Center for Biomolecular Nanotechnologies Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia
Multifunctional neural interfaces combining optics, photonics and nanotechnology


12 June 2019
Our article "Quantum micro-nano devices fabricated in diamond by femtosecond laser and ion irradiation" is reported on the back cover of vol. 2 issue 5-6 of the journal "Advanced Quantum Technologies".